Dave Bank Promotions: $15 Sign Up Bonus + $15 Referral [2024]

Current Dave Bank Promotions offers a $15 Dave Bank sign up Bonus when you sign up using the Dave Bank referral code. Also, you will get a $15 Dave Banking Referral Bonus for every successful referral.

The Dave app offers you small cash advances when you’re at risk of overdrawing your bank account, with no interest or fees charged.

So, In this article, we will see the latest Dave Bank Promotions and simple steps to get your Dave Sign up bonus. Let’s get started.

Dave Bank Promotions: $15 Sign up Bonus

Dave Promotions: $15 Sign up Bonus

Dave Promotions offers a $15 Sign up bonus when you create a new Dave spending account through our special link and take an advance.

Then your bonus will automatically be credited to your account within 24 hours.

How to Get Dave Sign up Bonus?

Follow the below steps to earn a $15 sign up bonus:

  1. Visit this Dave Referral Link to open a new account
  2. Now Sign up using email and create a password.
  3. It will ask you for Some basic details like your name and phone number.
  4. To open a spending account, you will need additional details like SSN and Address.
  5. At last, take a cash advance of $250 with no interest rate!
  6. Done, your bonus will automatically send to your spending account.

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Dave Bank Referral Promotion: $15 Referral bonus

Dave Bank Referral Promotion: $15 Referral bonus

Dave Promotions offers a $15 referral bonus for each friend you invite. When someone joins through your referral link and creates a qualified spending account, both of you will get a $15 Bonus.

How To Get Dave Referral Bonus?

Follow the below steps to earn your $15 Referral Bonus:

  1. Open your Dave app, and search for the referral option.
  2. Now copy your unique referral link and share it with your friends.
  3. Once they create a spending account through your referral link and complete all the qualifying processes, both of you will get your $15 Bonus.

Who is Dave?

Who is Dave?

Dave is a digital banking service for people who would like to pay for small items with their paychecks before it’s deposited.

It also offers them a “spending account” that doesn’t have an overdraft or low-balance fees.

Dave Bank created an app to help members avoid overdraft fees. The app lets you receive your paycheck early and get up to $250 advances without paying interest.

As of today, they have over seven million members, which puts them well ahead of some of their larger competitors. 

Dave Bank Features

Dave Bank Features

The app provides tools for building credit and establishing financial habits, among other features. Some of the features of the app are as follows:

  • Dave Cash Advance:  You can receive a cash advance of up to $250. Dave will take an overview of your bank account to determine how much you’re eligible for. If you receive a monthly deposit of $1,000 or more, you’ll likely get a higher cash advance.
  • Dave LevelCredit: Dave has partnered with LevelCredit, a free financial tool for building credit. If you have a Dave Spending Account and make a recurring monthly direct deposit, you can use the service free of charge.

Make at least two direct deposits that total $1,000 into your Dave Spending Account. Once you fill out and submit the form, LevelCredit will activate your account.

To improve your credit score, make monthly payments on rent or utility services after you link your accounts. Your consistency will be reported to credit bureaus each month by LevelCredit.

  • Dave Rewards: If you frequently use the Dave debit card, you’ll be able to earn cash back on shopping. Retailers will list their offers on the app.
  • Dave Side Hustle: The app helps you find remote work opportunities. Create a profile and search for either remote or local side hustles.
  • Dave Goals: You can keep track of personal finance goals through private or public goals. You may share public goals with anyone with the Dave app, while private goals cannot be shared.
  • Dave Budgeting: Dave allows you to organize expenses to see how much money you spend in a particular category. This can also include upcoming expenses.

If you want to get even more features then you can also check our article on Onjuno BankVaro Bank, and Oxygen bank.

Is Dave Bank Legit?

Is Dave Bank Legit?

Yes! Dave Bank is legit. It is a mobile finance platform, and the Dave Spending Account is FDIC-insured through Evolve Bank and Trust.

Dave’s bank account can keep up to $250,000 and he can use 37,000 ATMs through the MoneyPass ATM network. Dave has 4.4 stars in the Google Play store and 4.8 in the Apple Store.


Overall, The Dave Spending Account might be a good choice if you are looking for a simple checking account with no monthly maintenance fees. It lacks other common perks, like ATM fee reimbursements, but its $0 opening deposit will definitely appeal to some people.

Dave Bank Promotions has many benefits, including a $15 Dave Sign up bonus and a cash advance of $250 without any interest rate, as there is no credit check required.

FAQs of Dave Bank

How do I get approved for a Cash advance?

Your checking account has been connected to Dave
Your employer deposits your income into your checking account on a regular basis
When you get your next paycheck, you’ll be able to pay Dave back

Is the app Dave’s online banking a real company you can trust?

Yes, Dave Banking is completely safe because Dave Spending Accounts have federally insured bank accounts, so you can safely keep up to $250,000 there.

Is Dave Bank Free?

No, Dave bank is not free. Subscription fees of $1 per month are required to use the mobile app’s features.

how to transfer money from dave to cash app?

To transfer money from Dave to Cash App, you will have to first link your Dave account to your Cash App account using your Dave debit card. If you don’t already have a Dave card, make sure it’s delivered so that you can send money from Dave to Cash App easily.

What bank does Dave use?

Dave is digital banking app that is regulated by Evolve Bank & Trust, which provides Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) insurance. The Dave Bank was founded in 2017 to offer customers a new and way to avoid bank overdraft fees.

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