Befrugal Review 2022: Is BeFrugal Legit or a Scam?

Our generation shops mainly online, so we know you don’t have to settle for the full price. Several online tools are available to help us save money, such as cash-back sites and coupon scanners. Choosing the best tool for one another is not an easy task.

That’s where Befrugal comes in; it not only earns you cash back but also offers online and in-store coupons from thousands of retailers.In addition, it has several features that help you compare prices and save money.

In this Befrugal Review, we”ll tell you what exactly Befrugal is, How it works, its features, fees, and much more. Let’s get started-

What is BeFrugal?

BeFrugal is a cash-back and coupon website that has been around since 2009 and is headquartered in Boston. Through its partnerships with various retailers, users can earn cash rewards for in-store and online purchases.

With its cash-back platform, deals, coupons, and other tools, the company has firmly established itself as one of the most trusted sources of savings.

How does Befrugal work?

Create your account

Getting started and earning cash back with BeFrugal is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. First of all, you have to create your account.

If you visit the BeFrugal signup page, you’ll see you have several options for joining. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook account, or Google account. Once you create an account, you’ll access thousands of cash-back offers, coupons, deals, and more.

Start earning cash-back

As soon as you have registered your BeFrugal account, you can start earning. To begin, you will want to familiarize yourself with the BeFrugal website. The better you understand how the website works, the more easily you can locate the best deals, coupons, and cash-back deals.

You can find a general overview of the best deals on the internet for the day by visiting the homepage of BeFrugal. Here you will find some of the best daily deals, online coupons, restaurant coupons, and cash-back offers. You can also use the search bar or navigation menu to locate deals and coupons for specific stores and restaurants.

BeFrugal also offers a browser extension for Google Chrome that automatically applies coupons and cash-back to your online orders.

With the browser extension, you’ll save a lot of time. Since you won’t need to visit the BeFrugal website first, you won’t get distracted by other offers.

Ways to earn with BeFrugal

  • Cash-back shopping — It is easiest to earn money on BeFrugal by earning cash back when shopping online. Simply sign in to your BeFrugal account to earn cash back. Click on the Shop Now button on any of the 5,000+ retailers listed on the site. Alternatively, get the BeFrugal Button browser extension and shop online directly from the BeFrugal website.
  • Coupons — Using coupons to save money is another major feature of BeFrugal. You can find restaurant coupons, printable coupons, grocer coupons, and more, depending on the category. These coupons can be found in the main navigation bar under the Coupons option. Alternatively, the BeFrugal Button browser extension will automatically apply coupons to your order during checkout.
  • Deals — Deals on BeFrugal show you sales on products across the web. For example, a 12-piece Cuisinart cookware set originally cost $420 but is now only $131. Over and above the sale, you’ll also get 12.5% cash back on the purchase. That’s a lot of savings!
  • Restaurants — For those struggling to find restaurant coupons, BeFrugal has a section on its website dedicated to restaurant coupons and cash-back offers. Find discounts at restaurants such as Applebee’s, Outback, Red Lobster, Chili’s, Chiptope’s, and many more.
  • Referrals — Refer your friends to BeFrugal, and you will receive $10 for each referral you send.

BeFrugal top features

These are the best features of BeFrugal. These provide more ways to earn cash besides cash back shopping and coupons.

Bonus Cash Back

BeFrugal’s Bonus Cash Back stores offer a bonus rate, meaning you’ll get more cash-back than the original rate.

Aeropostale, for example, is currently on the list of Bonus Cash Back stores, which means that the store has a bonus rate of 12%. That’s three times the cash back! The Bonus Cash Back list includes many popular retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, and more.

Even name brands such as Coach, Oakley, and Ray-Ban can be found here.


Whenever you refer a friend to BeFrugal, you earn $10. In addition, the friend receives a $10 bonus.

Your referral must earn $10 in cash back to qualify. If they shop online through BeFrugal, they shouldn’t have a problem earning this cash back.

Your unique referral link will automatically be generated when you create your BeFrugal account. Share your link with your friends, and they can join BeFrugal for free. Besides emailing your link to a friend, you can also post a banner on your website or upload it to Facebook or Twitter.

BeFrugal Button

BeFrugal is a browser extension available exclusively for Google Chrome.

The BeFrugal Button lets you shop online as usual. BeFrugal will notify you in your browser when you visit a site that offers cash back or coupons.

BeFrugal Button applies the most efficient cash-back/coupon combination to your purchase at checkout, so you save the most money. It’s free to use.

BeFrugal Mobile App

Apple iOS and Android users can download the BeFrugal mobile app.

With the app, you can earn cash back, coupons, and deals wherever you go. You will never miss a cash-back opportunity again.

You should download it if you shop on your phone instead of a computer.

BeFrugal Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee

BeFrugal’s Best Cash Back Rate Guarantee is a promise that BeFrugal will match the cash-back rate of another rewards site if it is higher.

You will need to meet a few requirements to take advantage of this guarantee. For example, you will need to provide an exact link to the competitor’s website with the higher cash-back rate.

You must include the order receipt and store name if you have already purchased an item.

BeFrugal calculators

Have you ever had a destination that was a little too far to drive but too close to fly?

With BeFrugal’s Fly or Drive calculator, you can determine once and for all which is more cost-effective.

Just enter your starting point, destination, number of travelers, budget, and other information relevant to your decision.

The calculator will tell you which is more convenient and/or cheaper.

Electric Car Calculator

Electric cars are the future wave, but will they fit into your budget?

The Electric Car Calculator can help you determine if it’s worth purchasing an electric car over a traditional one. You can determine if an electric car is affordable with this feature which outlines expenses, gas prices, and more.

Pros and Cons


  • Available Worldwide: BeFrugal rewards international shoppers as long as they can purchase from one of their partner retailers in their country. If you can buy from one of their retailers in your country, you can earn BeFrugal cash-back.
  • Maximum Cash-back Guarantee: With so many cash-back sites available, it can be tough to find the best deal. BeFrugal takes competition very seriously, and their Maximum Cash-back Guarantee proves it. If you find a better cash-back deal on another site, BeFrugal will match it at 125%. Make sure that the offer meets the criteria described above.
  • Over 5,000 retail partners: Because BeFrugal has one of the largest networks of any cash-back site, you are likely to earn more with it than any other cash-back site. If variety is important to you, BeFrugal is the site for you to use.


  • Long time to credit your account: Most cash-back sites credit your account within 30 to 45 days of making the purchase. BeFrugal has one of the long wait times at 60 to 90 days. Luckily, the app and the website let you know exactly where your cash-back is in the process.
  • No cash back for in-store purchases: You cannot link a card to BeFrugal or activate in-store cash-back rewards. This can significantly limit your cash-back potential if you prefer in-store purchases over online purchases.
  • Spam emails: You may receive many emails from BeFrugal about deals and coupons, some of which may not even be active by the time you get around to reading them.

Befrugal promotional offers

Befrugal signup bonus.

One of the coolest things about BeFrugal is that you get $10 back on your cash-back balance just for signing up. This is a great incentive to sign up and keep using the site. So how do you sign up and get started on BeFrugal?

Creating an account on BeFrugal couldn’t be easier. All you need is your email, a confirmation email, and a password.

Once you create your account, you can earn cash-back and Shop by the retailer, coupon, hot deal, or bonus cash back.

BeFrugal will redirect you to the retailer’s site when you decide where you would like to shop. If you prefer to avoid BeFrugal’s site, you can always download the browser extension to save time.

Once you purchase on the retailer’s site, BeFrugal tracks your purchase through cookies and awards the cash-back to your pending balance.

BeFrugal allows you to return an item to the retailer within 60 to 90 days of purchase. Once the retailer pays BeFrugal their commission, the funds will move from ‘Pending’ to ‘Available.’ You can access the funds once you reach their minimum accrual amount.

BeFrugal referral program

Refer a friend and earn $10 in your account balance every time they sign up through your unique referral link. They will also earn $10 when they sign up. It’s a win-win for everyone! To qualify, your referral must earn $10 in cash back. This shouldn’t be too difficult if they use BeFrugal to shop online.

You can invite friends to join BeFrugal by sharing your unique referral link. Your link is automatically generated when you create an account with BeFrugal.

Is Befrugal safe?

As with any website linked to your bank account, it’s important to know that the site is secure. While no internet transaction is ever 100% secure, BeFrugal does its best to keep your private information secure.

In its comprehensive analysis, McAfee Secure determined that BeFrugal is a secure site. They found no malware, phishing, or malicious links on the site. Additionally, McAfee Secure found that BeFrugal has a valid SSL certificate, which means that any data moving through the site is encrypted.

In addition, BeFrugal conducts perimeter scanning on their site, which means they check for weaknesses that hackers can exploit. They want to make sure they are ahead of the curve when it comes to online security.

There have been complaints about malware, pop-ups, and viruses through BeFrugal’s website. While the above measures are currently in place, it’s important to understand their entire cybersecurity history.

Is Befrugal legit?

BeFrugal is an entirely legitimate site with a 4.3 out of 5 rating on TrustPilot, and most of the newer reviews are either 5 or 4 stars. One complaint is the wait 30 to 90 days for a payout, but most users are pleased with the service.

With the Better Business Bureau, the company has a 3.3 out of 5 ratings. Some of the complaints are related to the time limits on eGift cards, rewards not showing up, and customer service.

BeFrugal Fees

BeFrugal is free to join. You don’t have to pay any fees and can easily earn cash back.

How Much Cash-back Can You Get With BeFrugal?

You can earn different amounts of cash-back depending on the store you shop at with BeFrugal.Most of BeFrugal’s partner retailers offer cashback2% and 15% cash-back rates. However, some BeFrugal partner stores offer cash-back rates up to 40%.

How do you get paid?

BeFrugal offers a variety of good options for redeeming cash back. They also do not have a minimum payout requirement for direct deposits, PayPal, and Venmo. This is not the case with many cash-back services.BeFrugal offers a variety of good options for redeeming cash back. They also do not have a minimum payout requirement for direct deposits, PayPal, and Venmo. This is not the case with many cash-back services.

 Let’s take a look at what BeFrugal offers:

  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Check
  • Gift cards

A minimum of $25 must have been accrued before you can make a withdrawal via PayPal, direct deposit, or check.

The accrual minimums will vary depending on how you want to withdraw your earnings. You will receive your funds approximately ten days after withdrawing your earnings.

Who is BeFrugal Best for?

BeFrugal is a great app for saving money online and in-store purchases from various stores across the country.

You can use BeFrugal to save money and earn cash rewards if you shop regularly.


BeFrugal is one of the best cash-back platforms you can use to save on your regular spending. If you shop at any major retailer in America, you can earn cash back by joining BeFrugal.

You can save significant money on your online and in-store purchases through the platform’s cash-back rates of up to 40%.

Additionally, the platform offers a variety of withdrawal options with low minimum withdrawal thresholds as low as $0.01, so you can easily cash out your earnings. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of withdrawal options with low minimum withdrawal thresholds as low as $0.01, so you can easily cash out your earnings.


How does Befrugal make money?

It may seem strange that a site could operate based on a business model that gives away money, but this is a legitimate business model.
Cash-back sites such as BeFrugal and other cash-back sites operate through affiliate marketing. They earn a commission when you make a purchase. Companies pay third parties to facilitate sales, much like influencers who say, “Use my code to earn X% off your purchase.”
BeFrugal splits some of its earnings with you as an incentive to use its services. The company uses cookies to track your presence on their partnering retailers’ sites. When you make a purchase, the cookies identify you as a BeFrugal buyer.

Does BeFrugal have a mobile app?

Both Android and iOS mobile devices are supported by the Befrugal mobile app, which provides nearly identical features to the website on a smartphone. You can use the app to conveniently check available cash-back offers nearby.

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