Capital One Shopping Review 2022: Is It legit or scam?

Shopping online can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience when you’re looking for the best deals. Making a purchase can be tedious and exhausting between searching for coupon codes, switching tabs to compare prices, and calculating shipping costs.

That’s where Capital One Shopping comes in. Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that helps you save money by comparing prices, applying coupon codes, and alerting you to better deals as you shop.

Read our Capital One Shopping review to learn more about it, how it works, its features, fees, and much more.

What Is Capital One Shopping?

Capital One Shopping is a free browser extension that looks for lower prices on items you’re viewing and alerts you if a better deal is available from another retailer. You can use it on thousands of websites, including Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, Sephora, L.L. Bean, Barnes & Noble, Nike, and many more.

Because of Capital One Shopping’s benefits, the browser extension has become extremely popular – millions of people have added it to their browsers. People saved over $70 million collectively last year.

How Does Capital One Shopping Work?

Getting started with Capital One Shopping is quick and easy. You only need to install the extension for your browser — it’s available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. It only takes a few minutes to get started. 

To get the extension, click the “Add Capital One Shopping” button, enter your name, email address, and ZIP code, and start shopping. Capital One Shopping will immediately help you find incredible savings whenever you shop online. You will not even notice it’s there when you are not shopping. All you have to do is start shopping online once the extension is integrated into your browser. 

There are many ways to use Capital One Shopping:

  • Shop at your favorite online stores: Capital One Shopping has thousands of participating retailers. When you shop online, trips to the store can be avoided, and you can save money by using online coupons. When you visit a store’s website, the browser extension automatically finds available savings and notifies you.
  • Browse the Capital One Shopping site: You can see what offers are available on Capital One Shopping despite not having a specific retailer in mind. Capital One Shopping’s website is entirely free to download and use.
  • Check for coupons: Many online retailers provide coupon codes, but it can be difficult to find codes that aren’t expired. Capital One Shopping extension checks for codes automatically, so click Try Codes when you’re checking out. Coupon codes will be applied to your purchase automatically.
  • Use the price comparison tool: If Amazon is where you usually shop online, Capital One Shopping can still help you save. After selecting the options on an Amazon product page, the extension searches other retailers for the same item and compares your prices. You’ll be notified if a better price is available elsewhere within a few seconds. Additionally, the app will tell you if you’re seeing the best price on Amazon. You will benefit from this tool if you’re a frequent online purchaser. The Watchlist tool is another fantastic feature that saves money with this extension.It is ideal for big-ticket items like electronics and luxury brands. It will track prices; you can always check your Watchlist to see the latest and previous prices. Simply add the item you’re interested in into the Watchlist, and let Capital One Shopping do all the research for you.

Capital One Shopping Features

There has never been an easier way for online shoppers to save money, earn shopping rewards, or compare the prices of items they want. You can save time and money with the Capital One Shopping browser extension regardless of whether you make just one online purchase monthly or are a certified shopaholic. You must shop online as you normally would, and Capital One Shopping will take care of the rest. The following are some of our favorite Capital One Shopping features.

1. Automated Coupon Codes: 

It is fun to find coupon codes that save you money, but it can be frustrating to spend half an hour trying to find old codes that don’t work. Capital One Shopping solves this issue.

Capital One Shopping searches the Internet while you shop for coupons. Capital One Shopping automatically applies any available codes to your shopping cart when you’re ready to check out. Capital One Shopping ensures you do not waste time searching for expired or fake coupon codes.

Whenever there are multiple coupon codes for your purchase, Capital One Shopping applies them to help you get a good deal at checkout. Several of these codes are publicly available, while others are crowdsourced from Capital One Shopping users who have successfully used them.

2. Price Comparison Tool:

Capital One Shopping isn’t just seeking out useful coupon codes. Capital One Shopping quietly searches behind the scenes to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible as you shop.

This is arguably Capital One Shopping’s most useful feature. Does it save you from having to click between browser tabs to figure out whether Amazon has the lowest price for that new couch you’ve had your eye on, or is it Walmart? What about Target?

Suppose you’ve added Capital One Shopping to your browser whenever another retailer sells the item you’re looking at for a better price. Then you’ll see a pop-up telling you about the other deal and providing you with the link. It even alerts you to great deals among individual eBay and Amazon sellers. And Capital One Shopping will notify you if you have already found a great deal.

Capital One Shopping also considers shipping times and delivery costs when comparing prices, so you’re asked to input your ZIP code when you first add Capital One Shopping to your browser.

3. Capital One Shopping Credits: 

Saving money with coupons and price comparisons is great, but earning rewards for your purchases is even better. Capital One Shopping does this very well. The company rewards its customers’ loyalty with reward points.

You’ll automatically earn Capital One Shopping Credits as reward points by shopping online with Capital One Shopping. For instance, you’ll earn 2% back on Walmart purchases and 7% back on Microsoft purchases.

You’ll see the Capital One Shopping icon next to the address bar whenever you go to a retailer’s website, and it will show you the amount of Capital One Shopping Credits you can earn. Just click “Activate,” or wait until checkout to activate.

You can also earn loyalty credits by going out to eat or shopping near your home or office. With these local offers (based on your ZIP code), you will earn 4% back on every purchase made with a linked credit or debit card.

Once you accumulate enough Capital One Shopping Credits, you can redeem them for online gift cards at retailers such as Walmart, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Barnes & Noble, and Petco. Use your Capital One Shopping Credits to purchase an eGift Card from the retailer of your choice, which will be emailed to you within 24 hours. The Capital One Shopping website is very intuitive, making the process of redeeming Capital One Shopping Credits simple.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly Capital One Shopping Credits add up. It’s like earning cashback when you make purchases.

4. Watchlist (Price Drop Monitoring): 

Adding an item to your Watchlist is a great way for Capital One Shopping to keep an eye on things while looking for the best price. While this is only one way to save money when shopping with this free browser extension, it’s certainly an effective way to save money.

This feature makes making large purchases such as furniture and electronics easier since you won’t have to constantly check for sales and promotions. Watchlists are especially useful when you have time before purchasing holidays or birthday gifts.

If a new price drop occurs on an item you added to your Watchlist; Capital One Shopping will alert you immediately, so you don’t miss out.

5. Capital One Shopping Product Search:

 Instead of going to a particular retailer’s website to search for a product, you can use the Capital One Shopping Product Search tool to view and compare products from many different retailers. Taxes, shipping, and coupon codes are already included in the displayed price. In addition, you’ll see which retailers offer the most Capital One Shopping Credits to help you make an informed decision.

Use the Product Search tool, for instance, to find deals on hundreds of related products if you’re looking for a coffee maker. Additionally, you will learn how to earn up to 4% in Capital One Shopping Credits when you purchase products from Keurig and which other retailers offer relevant coupons.

6. Featured Offers and Trending Deals: 

Checking out the Capital One Shopping homepage is a good way to find current discounts from various stores. Capital One Shopping Credits can be earned when you take advantage of “Featured Offers” and “Trending Deals” on popular products and services.

Pros and Cons 


  • It is free
  • Adding (and removing) items is easy
  • Convenient ways to save money with the least amount of work
  • Safe and secure
  • Desktop and mobile versions


  • Gift card options are limited
  • Tracks your online activity and transaction history
  • The “Best price” feature isn’t always accurate

How Much Does Capital One Shopping Cost?

Every feature of Capital One Shopping is free. The platform does not charge for premium offerings, monthly fees, or additional costs.

Capital One Shopping does collect your personal information and browsing history, however, and it may use that data to provide you with additional ads and offers.

Is Capital One Shopping Legit?

Yes, Capital One Shopping is a legitimate shopping site. There’s no question this is a real service offered by one of the most reputable companies in the financial sector. With more than 9,000 reviews on the Google Chrome Store, it has millions of active users and a 5-star rating. With more than 9,000 reviews on the Google Chrome Store, it has millions of active users and a 5-star rating.

Over the last year, customers saved more than $160 million using Capital One’s service. Considering this is a free service that saves you money and even gives you refunds on certain purchases, you might wonder if something shady is happening behind the scenes. But you don’t need to worry. It is a completely legitimate service that the Better Business Bureau accredits, and there are no BBB complaints.

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Is Capital One Shopping Safe?

According to the service, it monitors your online activities and collects personal data, but practically any online service does this as well. Capital One Shopping clearly states in its Terms of Service what data it collects and does with it.

Capital One does not sell your information to other companies for marketing purposes. According to Capital One’s Privacy Notice, your data is not shared with other financial companies, Capital One’s affiliates, or nonaffiliates for advertising purposes. Furthermore, your data is not shared with affiliates to show them information about your creditworthiness.

Since almost a decade ago, hundreds of thousands of consumers have used Capital One Shopping. The company has millions of members, and Trustpilot rates it 4.6 out of 5 stars. The BBB rates it A-. The Trustpilot and BBB ratings indicate that this service appears to be among the safest, and there is no indication that it is riskier than any other online application. Even though Capital One Shopping’s website, apps, and browser extensions are legitimate and safe, any online service is subject to certain risks, including malware and hacking.


Capital One Shopping may be the right solution if you like saving money but don’t want to search every website for a good deal. With Capital One Shopping, you don’t have to search; you just save.

Capital One Shopping Review: FAQ

Is Capital One Shopping secure?

Capital One Shopping maintains the highest level of security for its users. Up-to-date security protocols protect any identifying information. Capital One Shopping uses data encryption to secure credit card information and comprehensive authentication procedures to protect customers against identity theft. Capital One Shopping will never direct you to untrustworthy websites, fraudulent retailers, or online scams.

Where is Capital One Shopping available?

According to the website, the service is only available for U.S. addresses, which does not include the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.

What browsers are compatible with the Capital One Shopping extension?

Capital One Shopping is compatible with the most popular browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

How much money can I save with Capital One Shopping?

The amount of money you can save depends on how much you shop online, what you buy, and which retailers you choose. You can save more by consistently choosing retailers that offer Capital One Shopping Credits and redeeming them for gift cards.

How does Capital One Shopping cashback work?

Capital One Shopping partners with many stores. The shopping extension offers you back a percentage of your money on eligible purchases. Capital One Shopping credits are what you receive in return for the cashback. You can redeem them for gift cards.

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