Drop App review 2022: Is It Legit And Worth It ?

Getting free money is the best feeling in the world. From passive income apps to the best reward apps, it is deeply satisfying to get some of your hard-earned money back after spending it. But it’s important to choose reward programs that pay, so you don’t waste your time with apps and programs that will never let you redeem your rewards.

Hence, if you’re looking for an awesome, legit money-making app, you should look into Drop.

In this Drop App review , we”ll tell you What exactly the Drop app is, How it works, its feature, and much more.

What Is The Drop App?

Drop is a free app that rewards users for shopping at their favorite stores and brands that partner with the app.

Since its launch in 2012, Drop has grown to become one of the most popular reward apps, with over 3 million downloads. Drop is available for download on both Android and IOS devices. It is currently available to download in the U.S. and Canada, and almost anyone with a debit or credit card can join.

How does Drop work?

Drop makes the points earning experience simple. For starters, everything is done via a mobile app. And since we’re all connected to our phones by the hip, a mobile app makes any endeavor effortless.

The process itself is very straightforward. Here’s how it works:

Get the app

Download the app to your phone to get things started. There’s an app for both iOS and Android devices, and the apps are available via the official app stores.

You can also put in your cell phone number on the Drop website to get a download link sent directly to you. Sign up for an account and create your profile to get things started.

Link your card

Next, you’ll need to link at least one debit or credit card to your Drop account. Not everyone will love this aspect, but it’s where the entire magic of the program lies.

Most rewards programs are free to use (as is Drop, by the way), and you can simply transfer the funds to a PayPal account or cash out using gift cards when you want to redeem your rewards points.

Drop requires a credit card link because you earn points by shopping. I’ll explain that shortly, but I wanted to clarify why Drop is asking for your card details. Since it’s a shopping-based experience, you’ll need a card associated with the account to purchase directly through the system. This way, you get credit for every item you buy.

Shop your favorite brands

The Drop will now ask you to choose your top five brands. You’ll automatically earn points for these stores whenever you shop with the linked card (you’ll still earn points with other offers, but those will need to be opted into).

You can choose from major brands like Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, 7-Eleven, Target, Trader Joe, and more. Pick the stores you shop at the most often, so you earn the most points automatically.

Now, for the fun part. Need a new pair of boots? Head to your favorite linked shoe store, and shop away.

Get rewards

When you make purchases, you earn points. When you accumulate enough points, you can cash them in for prizes of your choice. The points system is also straightforward: 1,000 points equal $1.00

I mentioned that you need to link a debit or credit card to your account. When you earn points, they are automatically added to your linked account. That means the rewards money is already there and ready to spend when you want to use it. You have to click on the reward you want, tap redeem, and the money will arrive in your account.

After earning 5,000 points or more, points can be redeemed for gift cards, contest entry, and more. Five thousand points earn you a $5 gift card.

You can earn points faster or slower, depending on your chosen brands. For example, Walmart is 2 points per dollar spent, while Dunkin Donuts is 14 points for every dollar (go donuts!).

Drop continuously sends out new offers, too, so you can sign up for various promotions to earn points for other purchases you’ll make (in addition to your preferred brand purchases).

Drop features

Drop is an easy-to-use rewards program with some cool features worth pointing out. Some things that make them stand out from other rewards programs I’ve used include:

Members’ centric program

There are a lot of rewards points programs, so Drop isn’t breaking new ground in that department. What this app does differently (and well, I might add) is its focus. Usually, rewards programs focus on getting you to do what they want (for example: take surveys, play games, watch videos, etc.). You go through the motions, and then you earn the points.

Drop, on the other hand, takes a different approach. It focuses on the user experience, making it as easy as swiping across your phone to earn points. The entire system is designed for ease of use, so you always use the app, helping you earn more points than other types of rewards programs.

Drop is easier for a few more reasons:

  • It’s a mobile app, so you’re automatically more linked to it.
  • Since it’s mobile, the app is fast and easy to use; just swipe away. No complicated logins, systems, or dashboards.
  • It’s based around shopping. And who doesn’t love that?!

It seems like such an obvious angle, but Drop has revolutionized the industry with this simple but brilliant tweak, in my opinion.

Easy ways to earn points

Many rewards programs of this ilk are based on online surveys. While this is a good way to earn free cash, it doesn’t work for everyone. You need to fit the specific criteria, and you will often try for hours to get a qualifying survey to no avail.

Drop, on the other hand, centers its points around something everyone does: shopping. We all need to eat, buy clothes, and get around. So, Drop just lets you monetize these everyday activities to your advantage.

In-app offers

This is where you can do all your regular shopping via Drop and earn points. The app will give you a list of participating stores. You just shop through the system to earn.

Some in-app offers require you to use your linked card, while others do not. The list of in-app offer brands is growing all the time, but in the meantime, you can find some major brands like Walmart, Apple, Nordstrom, Groupon, and ASOS.

In-app offers have terms and conditions you must meet to be eligible for the points earned. So, read up before buying anything, so you don’t miss out on any of your points.

Power boost offers with linked cards.

There are also power boosters. These are in-app offers that are boosted. Kind of like a super sale; power boosts let you earn more points for the same offer. Just remember to activate these boosts, or you won’t get the supercharged earn rate for the purchase.

One thing I liked about power offers is that they apply to in-store and online purchases. So, you can earn points when you’re shopping in person, too.

Refer a friend program

The Drop has a pretty generous refer-a-friend program. Every time you refer a friend to sign up with Drop, you’ll earn 5,000 points (for the first ten friends you invite).

That translates to $50 in rewards, a hefty referral program. Friends need to sign up and link their cards for you to qualify for the referral rewards points.

Shop with Rocketmiles

Rocketmiles is an online travel agency that lets you book hotel stays. You’ll earn miles from dozens of airline mileage programs when you do, and you’ll also earn Drop points. So, it’s like double earnings.

If you often travel (or even if not, but you have a trip coming up in the near future), this is a lucrative offer to take advantage of.

Play Drop Supercharge

Drop Supercharge is a game of Snake (remember the old-school video game that was the only one available on our dinosaur cell phones?!).

Members who have used the Power offers five times will unlock this bonus game. You play by swiping across your screen to send the Snake slithering around the board. Supercharge games can boost your earn rates even more, so they’re worth playing even if you are too young to have fond memories of Snake.

Drop for Chrome

Drop recently added another cool feature. Drop for Chrome allows select members to use the Drop application when shopping online via their Chrome browser.

A browser extension lets you take advantage of the Drop rewards potential more often. Not everyone can access this feature yet; right now, it’s a VIP, invite-only option. But Drop hopes to roll it out for everyone soon enough.

How much does Drop cost?

The good news, Drop is completely free to use. That’s the beauty of this entire system. You’re earning free rewards points without having to pay anything.

And since you’re earning points for purchases you’re making anyway, it’s a free deal. People looking to make extra spending money will do well with this program.

Drop App review: Pros & cons

Pros of Drop

  • The app is free to download
  • You automatically earn points and do not need to scan or upload receipts
  • It can be combined with other cashback apps or credit card rewards
  • Works for both debit and credit purchases

Cons of Drop

  • The offers available may not be useful to you
  • It can be challenging to reach the $25 minimum redemption limit
  • There is no cash option. You can only redeem the gift card.

Is Drop app safe?

Drop uses bank-level 256-bit encryption to secure your account and personal information. This is similar to the security used by other financial technology companies, including Acorns, Robinhood, and Mint.

The Drop does not see your bank account balances and can only track your transactions using the app.

Also, Drop uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to ensure that your data is securely transmitted to Drop and is not susceptible to interception.

Additionally, Drop says that they only see your transactions. They never see the balances of your accounts or personal information linked to your account.

Further, the drop system “converts your credentials into a key that is meaningless out of context, even to us. No one can identify your account once it has been linked.”

Your data is a combined mess that has nothing to do with you. However, you need to be 100% comfortable that you will be trading your data for financial compensation.

Is Drop legit?

Drop is an app that has received positive reviews. Totaling 4.2 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, 4.6 stars on Apple Store, and two stars on Google Play, most customers claim that the app is easy to use and enables them to earn extra money online

Others also praised it for its responsive customer service. The main thing Android users complain about on Google Play is that the app loads slowly and crashes often, which often results in missing the cashback points.

Is Drop worth it?

 This app will not improve your financial situation, but that’s not its purpose. It’s for scoring freebies and for treating yourself or a loved one to some fun gift cards. The app is amazing because you can use it to double-dip on rewards or other offers.

How does Drop make money?

Considering you want to ensure you’re the customer, not the product, it’s always a good idea to ask how free platforms make money!

Drop earns money when you shop through their app or download new mobile games.

In essence, companies reward Drop for bringing them, customers. When Drop gets paid, it passes on some of its earnings to you through cashback.

Rakuten, for example, uses the same model to make money and pay users, so nothing groundbreaking here!

Who is Drop best for?

Drop is a great innovation that makes earning points simpler and better than other rewards programs. It is particularly well-suited for people like Shopaholics, Mobile movers. Anyone who wants to earn more for free. On the other hand, Drop is not for everyone. For example, you won’t enjoy Drop if you’re a non-mobile shopper or a security-conscious person.

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Drop is a great way to earn extra money on purchases that you’re making anyway if you like the idea of getting something for nothing, head over to Drop to download the app right now.

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