Topcashback Review 2022: Is it legit or scam?

Nowadays, using cashback apps is synonymous with being frugal and shopping smart. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’re probably aware that cashback sites work by providing you with specific discounts and deals when you shop from their partner brands. With so many options available now, you may find it difficult to select the best cashback app for you. This is where Topcashback comes into play. TopCashBack enables you to earn cashback on your purchases by redirecting you to partner retailers.

As opposed to their competitors, TopCashBack promises to give you 100% of the commission. Is this too good to be true?

In this Topcashback Review we”ll discuss what exactly Topcashback is ,how it works, its features, pros & cons and much more. Let’s get started-

What is TopCashBack?

TopCashback is a shopping portal that gives you cash back each time you shop on their site. TopCashback has been around for over a decade and boasts over 20 million customers.

According to the site, its members reportedly earn an average of $345 in cash back rewards per year. The chances are good that you could make that much if you do a lot of online shopping. All you have to do is make sure you access the site you’re buying from via TopCashback. Typically, cashback shopping sites get a rebate from retailers when you shop. Then they split the rebate with you, keeping part and sharing part.

When you purchase through their portal, you get 100% of the cashback that TopCashback receives from retailers. 

This means that you might earn more money with TopCashback than with other programs. This may lead you to wonder how they make money. 

TopCashback makes money from advertisements and affiliate links on its site. 

The ads and affiliate links on the site are marked as “zero cash back” so that you know you are supporting TopCashBack when you use them. 

How TopCashBack Works

TopCashback has over 15 million users worldwide. And as already mentioned, they’ve been in business for the past 15 years.

You can install TopCashback as a browser extension on Google Chrome and Firebox. Or you can download it as an app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

After installing the app or extension, you must sign up for an account. Once you sign up, you’re ready to start shopping and earning cashback!

Here are the exact steps to getting started.

Create your account

To start, you’ll have to create an account with TopCashback. Follow these steps to get started.

  • Step 1: Upon landing on the TopCashback homepage, you will see a signup form. Fill out your email address, create a new password, and click the red Join Now button.
  • Step 2: Confirm your account by clicking the link in the email. Please check your spam folder. You would receive an email confirmation if you did not receive the email.
  • Step 3: Confirming your email, you should see a confirmation page that your account has been authenticated.
  • That’s it! Your TopCashback account has been created. Now you can earn cash back on all purchases made through TopCashback.

Start earning cashback from Topcashback

As soon as your account has been registered, you can begin earning.

TopCashback allows you to shop directly through the website or browser extension. Either way is fine, but each has benefits.

Let’s look at the benefit of shopping directly through the TopCashback website.

The website’s main navigation bar includes several primary categories, including Travel, Home & Garden, Electronics, Fashion, Health & Beauty, and more.

By filtering through these categories, you can find different cashback offers.

The browser extension is great because it allows you to continue shopping online as you normally do. The browser extension will notify you of a website with cashback opportunities.

In addition to cash back, the browser extension will apply coupons to your order during checkout if it finds them. It will also tell you which websites offer cash back when searching for a product on Google.

Because of this, you don’t have to waste time visiting the TopCashback website unless you want to find deals or redeem your cash back.

This is one of the advantages of using the extension. It saves time, and time is valuable.

Ways to earn with TopCashback.

  • Online shopping — Shopping online is the primary method of earning cash back with TopCashback. TopCashback lets you automatically apply coupons and cashback deals from over 4,400 stores during checkout. Walmart, Amazon, The Home Depot, Nike, Sephora, and many more have partnered with TopCashback.
  • Travel — Going on vacation is expensive, and there aren’t many ways around it. There are flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals to book, and all of that stuff adds up fast. Using TopCashback, you can earn cash back at major booking websites such as, Expedia, Hampton Inn, and more. You can also earn cash back on cruises.
  • Gift cards — Why pay the full face value of a gift card? With TopCashback’s gift card section, you can earn cash back from purchasing popular retailers’ and restaurants’ gift cards.
  • Referral program — Using TopCashback’s referral program, you can earn $10 each time one of your friends joins. 

TopCashBack Features

Apart from the profitable deals on TopCashBack, the site is highly accessible and has many easy-to-use features.

Here’s a list of features that make TopCashBack the right choice.

Fund Withdrawal Options

TopCashBack has not restricted its payouts to a single method. Instead, you can choose multiple options to withdraw the funds accumulated in your in-app account.

If you want to redeem your savings in hard cash, you can withdraw them through PayPal or ACH transfer.

Besides that, you can redeem your savings through Amazon gift cards and get discounts on your purchases. The benefit of using Amazon gift cards is that you’ll also get a 2.5% bonus.

However, the platform is not prompt with its payouts. With each method, you will have to wait at least 14 days before processing payouts.

Customer Service

TopCashBack has a remarkable customer support system, as well. If you don’t receive your payout, you can claim it by filling out a form on the website.

A correspondent will then reach you and give you the details to track your payout. Additionally, the site has a help page, just in case you have any queries.

More Than 5000 Partner Brands

With TopCashBack, you can shop from a wide range of merchants and receive cashback on your purchases. TopCashBack has one of the most extensive lists of partner merchants, including grocery stores, supermarkets, and clothing brands.

Apart from those big online brands, you can also find small, local retailers registered on the cashback app. This way, you can diversify your shopping habits and still earn cash back on every purchase.

Now that you’ve been through all the details, including the deals and main features of TopCashBack, you must’ve decided whether to go for it or not.

If you’re not sure yet, here’s a clear representation of the benefits and drawbacks of this site.

Topcashback Pros and Cons

Pros of TopCashBack

Let’s start with the good aspects first.

Unmatched Cashback Rates

With TopCashBack, you’ll get one of the best cashback rates in the rebates market. That’s because they give their users 100% of the commission from their retailers. Also, their highest cashback threshold is higher than other leading cashback sites.

No Minimum Saving Restriction

TopCashBack does not require any minimum earnings before withdrawing your cashback amount. Other platforms require minimum earnings between $10 and $50 to qualify for the withdrawal.

Here, you can withdraw the amount whenever you want without any restrictions.

Broad Retail Network
TopCashBack has lots of partner stores and brands for you to choose from. Once you start using it, you’ll probably never make another purchase without receiving cash back.

Reliable Partners
Besides that, TopCashBack offers deals from reliable stores and brands that provide prompt and timely cashbacks for its users. The list includes well-known names like Target, Amazon, Walmart, And Best Buy.

You’ll find the site easy to use, even if you’re a beginner. The signup process is simple, and the interface is highly intuitive, so you can easily find your way around.

Lots of Earning Opportunities
You can use many opportunities to maximize your savings with a profitable referral program, payout bonuses, and coupons.

Cons of TopCashBack

The long list of benefits does not mean that TopcashBack is an entirely perfect cashback site. Here are a few downsides of TopCashback so you can evaluate the website accordingly.

No TopCashBack SignUp Bonus

Most cashback sites offer signup bonuses to lure people into getting started on their platform. TopCashBack provides high cashback rates; therefore, they do not give users a signup bonus.

Cashback Exclusions

Retailers offer cashback apps to increase sales of specific products by offering deals on their products.

Therefore, you may find higher cashback rates on niche items, while common items like gadgets and phones may not qualify.

Cashback Available on Online Purchases Only

It’s not possible to make every purchase online. Usually, people purchase grocery items, medicines, and basic amenities from physical stores, while other things like furniture, appliances, clothing, and gadgets are bought online.

At TopCashBack, you cannot redeem cash back on in-store purchases. Once you know your way around, you’ll gradually rely more on this app and purchase most of the things online.

TopCashback is best for you if

  • You like saving money and getting cash back while shopping —You like saving money and getting cash back while shopping — Honestly, who doesn’t? Well, you’d be surprised. TopCashback helps you save money by curating all the best deals and coupons in one place. Using TopCashback, you’ll be able to find the best coupons and cashback offers at top retailers. TopCashback’s browser extension will scan your favorite online stores for deals while shopping.
  • You want to save money but don’t have the time to find coupons and deals manually — Taking the time to manually sift through coupon and deal websites can take up a lot of time. 
  • You frequently shop online — Taking advantage of cashback deals is a smart way to save money if you shop a lot. Creating a TopCashback account and installing the TopCashback browser extension could save you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars yearly on your purchases.

How much can you earn with TopCashback?

You can earn as much cash back as you want with TopCashback. If you spend more at eligible retailers, you will earn more cashback. Additionally, there is no minimum threshold to redeem your cashback, so if you need a little extra cash, you can request it at any time. It may take up to seven days from your purchase date for your cash back to show up as pending in your TopCashback account. You may have to wait for another one to three months for your money to become available for withdrawal.

When it comes to how you receive the money you cash out, you have options. You can receive that money via:

  • PayPal
  • ACH deposit
  • Gift card
  • Visa or American Express prepaid card

Is TopCashback a legit site?

It is legitimate and free to join. The company was founded in 2005 in the U.K. Since launching in the U.S. in 2011, TopCashback has quickly developed into the fastest-growing cashback site in the country and currently has 11 million members. TopCashback claims that U.S. consumers save millions of dollars annually using the site.

In addition, TopCashback users have high praise for the site. Its excellent customer service and high earning rates are reflected in the thousands of excellent TopCashback reviews on Trustpilot. People use it frequently because they tell us it’s a simple way to earn money and that earning cash back quickly adds up when you shop online.

Is TopCashback safe?

Today, privacy is a top concern, and you need to know how certain sites use your data.

TopCashBack wants to make it clear how they use your information. Usually, readers must wade through the incomprehensible legal jargon to understand privacy policies. When this happens, you end up feeling even more confused than before.

Their privacy policy outlines clearly in a chart the activity or purpose of the data collection and a lawful basis for using this data. Each section is written in clear language, so legal jargon is rarely encountered.


Why wouldn’t you want to earn cash on the things you already buy? Cashback websites are a no-brainer. TopCashBack offers its users a 100% commission rate. So if you are a frequent online shopper, you can earn a solid percentage back on your purchases. TopCashBack is not the place to go if you’re looking for a cashback program that rewards you for in-store purchases.

TopCashBack has a series of unique differentiators. Understanding what you are looking for in a cashback site can help determine if TopCashBack is your best option.

Topcashback FAQ

Can I use TopCashback in-store?

No. Currently, TopCashback does not offer in-store cash back but is considering adding it in the future.

How long does TopCashback take to payout?

After making a purchase, it can take up to seven days for your cash back to appear as pending in your TopCashback account. Then TopCashback waits until the retailer confirms your purchase and pays its commission. On average, it can take one to three months to receive your cashback.

How does TopCashback earn its money?

It earns money by selling advertising banners on its website and making agreements with affiliate retailers. For instance, some listed stores will pay the company to feature them on the website or in newsletters. TopCashback also receives bonuses for reaching sales goals with certain retailers.

How much money can I earn with TopCashback?

TopCashBack has no limit on how much money you can earn.
The more you shop online, the more money you can earn at TopCashBack’s partner stores.

Does TopCashback have an app?

Yes! TopCashBack is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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