Is checkout 51 legit? Unbiased review of Checkout 51 (2022)

Groceries are an unavoidable part of your monthly expenses and, depending on the number of people in your house, can make a large dent in your wallet. Finding ways to save money on groceries can completely change your budget, giving you more money to put towards other expenses, debt, savings, or fun stuff.

A cash-back app is one of the best and most effortless ways to save money on groceries. The variety of rewards apps available today makes it fairly easy to save money on everyday purchases, including groceries. Out of all grocery reward apps, Checkout 51 is undeniably one of the most popular ones, ahead of Ibotta and Fetch Rewards.

In this article, we “ll review what exactly. Checkout 51 is, how it works, Is checkout 51 legit, its fees, and much more. Let’s get started –

What is Checkout 51?

Checkout 51 is a cash back rewards app that allows you to earn cash back on groceries and gas purchases you’re already making. It is free to join but requires you to create an account. Its rewards coupons range from specific store coupons to general rewards coupons, but its gas coupons are specifically tied to grocery store gas stations.

The Checkout 51 app functions on a rebate basis, which means you’ll have to pay the full price and submit photos of your receipts, which might qualify for cash back. Once you reach $20 in cash back rewards, the company will pay you with a check or PayPal.

Originally formed in 2012, this company is owned by News America Marketing, which News Corp owns. Its name is derived from a secret “51st” checkout lane that customers can use to get discounts and savings.

Currently, Checkout 51 is only available to U.S. and Canadian customers. Still, in the future, it will be available to Canadians (although the company’s website mentions that it will soon be available in Canada).

How does Checkout 51 work

Getting started with Checkout51 is a simple and easy task. Here are the steps to get started with Checkout51-

Step #1: Create an account

Create a free Checkout 51 account by downloading the app for Android or IOS. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use Checkout 51 on your desktop if you have a camera or webcam.

Step #2: Browse weekly offers

Be sure to add your favorite deals to your weekly shopping list so you can cross them off once you’ve done your shopping.

Every Thursday, new promotions are released (just in time for your Saturday grocery run!), and they expire on the following Wednesday. 

In addition, browsing weekly offers is critical for making money with this app. Often, offers will expire, or other members will claim them quickly, so add Checkout 51 offers to your shopping list before you go grocery shopping.

Step #3: Shop

Complete your shopping as usual, and check the offers you’re purchasing to ensure the brand, size, and quantity are right. Rebates are specific, so one mistake could prevent you from getting cash-back.

Step #4: Redeem and upload the receipt

Once you’ve finished shopping, check off all the items on Checkout 51.

Next, take a photo of your receipt with the app’s built-in camera. This is done to verify that you purchased products eligible for rebates.

Receipts are only good for one use, so make sure you have checked off everything you purchased.

Step #5: Earn rewards

Your earnings will be deposited into your account once your receipt has been approved. Offers for cash-back vary, but it’s common to see offers that pay $0.50 to $5 for just buying a specific product!

It may take a few days for your receipt to process and credit, so please be patient until the money appears in your account.

Pros and cons


  • There is no cost for this app
  • Most grocery offers are not store-specific.
  • Some offers can be redeemed multiple times.
  • Coupons can be used.
  • Loyalty cards can be linked.
  • There are sweepstakes offers available.
  • There is a $20 cashout minimum.


  • Offers are only available for a limited time
  • Payment options are limited
  • Earning cash back requires you to add offers
  • Receipts must be uploaded by a weekly deadline
  • To redeem online, you need a packing slip

Who is Checkout 51 best for?

Anyone interested in reducing their grocery bill

Checkout 51 is easy to use and browse, so there’s no harm in giving it a try and seeing if you can save on groceries. It’s easy to test out this service to see if it’s worth the minimal effort involved in reviewing the offers, selecting the ones you like, and uploading your weekly receipts.

Those looking for a way to redeem cash back without incurring credit

You can earn more cash-back with a grocery, gas, or flat cash back rewards credit card, but that isn’t the best option for everyone. 

You often need a high credit score to apply. And if you’re not great at managing credit cards, you might neglect your balance and watch interest quickly wipe out any cash back you may have earned. Plus, some credit cards have different rules involving how to earn cash back or which categories you can choose from every quarter – it’s confusing. Checkout 51 takes the guesswork out of it all.

Tactical shoppers

Checkout 51 is an app that might be a huge asset for you. If you like to shop and plan meals based on sales, you may love how easy it is. Plus, since it can often be combined with different coupons and store sales, you may quickly realize significant savings.

Anyone who hates physical coupons

Some like to clip physical coupons from stores and other savings services – and others hate it. If you don’t have the time to flip through store flyers and ads, Checkout 51 combines relevant offers into one app.

Name brand shoppers

In general, Checkout 51 will feature various offers relevant to your shopping habits. Checkout 51 will probably feature more relevant offers if you buy many name-brand products.

Who shouldn’t use Checkout 51?

Anyone searching to gamify grocery shopping

You can maximize your rewards potential with Checkout 51, but it’s not the best strategy. Combining store coupons and discounts with the right credit card will get maximum rewards. Some cards offer up to 5% back on groceries, which is quite substantial.

Grocery store loyalists

Checkout 51 offers coupons at many grocery stores, but it also includes store-specific deals that you may find difficult to sort through. If you’d rather shop at one grocery store, look at your advertisements or use your store loyalty program – and consider Checkout 51 as a supplement (or skip it altogether).

Thriftier shoppers

Using Checkout 51 can earn you free money, but if you’re on a budget and prefer store brands over name brands, you might find it difficult to find coupons that work for you with this app.

How much does Checkout 51 cost?

Checkout 51 is free to join, and there is no paid membership option. This is a cash-back service that is available to anyone.

If you’re wondering how Checkout 51 makes money if users aren’t paying accounts, it’s through brand partnerships. In other words, brands pay Checkout 51 to offer their products on its rebate list, encouraging more people to buy those products.

In addition, if you were worried about tax rewards being taxable, don’t worry – they aren’t. Cash back rewards you earn by paying for a product or service are tax-free.

Is Checkout 51 legit?

To date, there have been no complaints or issues reported with Checkout 51. Users have praised the cash back app on Checkout 51, and the company has received several positive reviews. Checkout 51 has been around since 2012, and it is still offering rebates to its users. This means that it is not a scam. People are getting benefits from it. Therefore, it is absolutely a legitimate savings app.


Checkout 51 helps you find offers on essentials you’re already buying and earn money back on your purchases. It helps you identify offers and earn money back on the food and fuel you purchase. It works on Android and iOS and can even be used on your desktop.

Additionally, this app promotes brand name labels, which might not appeal to everyone’s shopping preferences. And while it’s easy to use, you must manually select offers, redeem them, and then upload your receipts. However, you can also submit invoices for online shopping trips, which is convenient. And, it’s free.

Checkout 51 FAQs

When do offers appear?

The offers are available at 12:00 am on Thursdays, and they expire at 11:59 pm the following Wednesday. While these offers are live, you will need to upload your receipts. There are limited quantities of these offers. Check your offer list before shopping, and upload your receipt immediately after purchasing to avoid disappointment. The offers can sometimes be claimed multiple times. Tap the offer to find out how many times you can claim it.

Can you use a receipt more than once?

You can only get cash back for the exact items on the receipt, so be sure to read carefully. Checkout 51 Cash Back can be combined with another coupon, discount, or sale unless otherwise stated. Tap into the deal to see if there are any conditions.

Does Checkout 51 work?

You can earn cash back rewards through Checkout 51 – but it requires manual work. You must choose the offers you want to activate, meet their terms (like shopping at the store the offer is linked to), and upload your receipt on time each week to qualify.

Does Checkout 51 expire?

Although you can use Checkout 51 continuously, the offers end on Wednesday at 11:59 pm local time every week. Therefore, selecting and redeeming offers, shopping, and submitting receipts before this deadline is the only way to receive cash back.

Does Checkout 51 let you use other store coupons?

It’s usually possible to combine store coupons and Checkout 51 offers. However, some offers may prevent you from receiving discounts or savings from other stores or manufacturer coupons. These restrictions are well indicated in the app.

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