Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree or Experience In 2023

Nowadays, many high-paying jobs don’t require a degree or experience. The days when people were denied jobs because they lacked a degree or experience are long gone.

In the past, people aimed to get the best degree since our society believed that without one, you couldn’t find a well-paid job.

There have been a lot of changes and advancements around the world, and the narrative has changed. Today, even people without degrees or experience can work comfortably and earn good money without much stress.

There is no doubt that education is crucial to opening the doors of opportunity for individuals. Yet, we know that not everyone can earn a degree due to a lack of time, money, means, or opportunity.

Getting a degree nowadays can be costly and difficult, and it is no secret that it can take a long time. Consequently, people are seeking tuition-free education and college jobs around the world.

Even if you don’t have the money to attend college, there is still hope for you. Fortunately, it is possible to land a nice job without a degree or experience to earn a living.

If you want a highest paying jobs without a degree or experience, this article will be a great stepping stone in your journey. Simply read the article, and you will gain a lot of knowledge about high-paying jobs that pay well without experience or a degree.

Here are the top 15 highest paying jobs without a degree or experience

1. A real estate agent

Image of Real Estate Agent

Neither experience nor a degree is required for this high-paying job.

Selling or buying a home is the role of a real estate agent. You don’t need a degree or experience to start this job, and it doesn’t require you to do much work. The estimated salary for this position is $51,220 per year.

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2. Insurance Sales Agents

Image Of  Insurance Sales Agents

An insurance agent sells policies to customers to earn money. You must be friendly and honest to succeed in this job. It is just a matter of meeting with the customer, finding the scope that meets their requirements, and answering their questions. Although you may need some training, this is another high-paying job without a degree or experience. The estimated salary for this position is $52,892 per year.

3. Sheet Metal Worker

Image Of Sheet Metal Worker

The construction industry is booming. The job involves installing thin metal products and fabricating the sheets. All that needs to be done is to bend and fix the sheets.

A degree isn’t necessary for this work field, and it’s also one of the highest-paying jobs without a degree. An estimated annual salary of $51,370 is expected.

4. Hearing aid specialist

Image of Hearing aid specialist

This job is the next step for a job seeker. Hearing aid specialists assist people with ear problems to hear well again through hearing aids.

Getting this job won’t require a degree or experience, just some specialized knowledge. The estimated salary is $52,630 per year.

5. Ironworkers

Image Of Ironworkers

You might want to consider a job as an ironworker if you like manual labor like bending steel. Although the work is hard, the pay is quite a bit high with no degree or experience required, and you are responsible for installing steel and iron for companies that build roads, structures, and bridges. The estimated salary is $55,040 per year.

6. Plumbers

Image Of Plumbers

Fixing damaged pipes and protecting piping systems are part of this process. It is the same thing that plumbers, steamfitters, and pipefitters do. The nature of the work may require some emergency services since this is fieldwork. The estimated salary is $56,330 per year.

7. Executive Assistant

Image Of Executive Assistant

Assisting the manager in the office is the job of an executive assistant. Your duties may include handling documents, answering calls, conducting research, arranging meetings, etc. This high-paying job doesn’t require any degree or experience to get started. It pays around $63,110 a year.

8. Electrician

Image Of Electrician

If you’re well-trained in that field, you can earn a huge amount of money as an electrician without a degree or experience.

All you have to do is install electrical appliances, fix electrical problems, and maintain the lights in houses or buildings; no education is required. The estimated salary is $59,240 per year.

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9. Railroad workers

Image of Railroad workers

Railway station workers operate switches. Train safety measures are their responsibility, as well as maintaining the train’s schedule. 

The estimated salary is $64,210 per year.

10. Sales Representative

Image Of Sales Representative

Having sales skills is important since this job involves making sales, and many sales jobs are commission-based, so you will be compensated according to the number of sales you make.

There’s a lot of cash in the sales role, so it’s a great job that pays well without a degree or experience. The salary is estimated to be $52,000 annually.

11.Police officers

Image Of Police officers

This job is for someone with the zeal to become a law enforcement officer and is not for everyone. It is one of the higher-paying jobs that require no education or experience. They’re responsible for protecting lives and fighting crime. You need only a few hours of training to become a full member. The estimated salary is $67,325 per year.

12.Elevator Installer & Repairs

Image of Elevator Installer & Repairs

Do you like fixing things, and are you not afraid of heights? If so, this job will be a good fit for you. There is no need for a degree or experience to succeed in this job.

All you need to do is get some training on how to install an elevator, and then you’ll have the chance to get some experience installing and repairing them. The estimated salary for this position is $88,540 per year.

13.Power plant operator

Image Of Power plant operator

Controlling some electrical energy-producing and -allocating systems is your job. There is a lot of satisfaction in this job, and it pays well without any experience or education, though you have to get some training first. Engineering courses related to this field can also expand your knowledge. An estimated salary of $89,090 per year is expected.

14.Security work

Image Of Security work

This is also one of the best jobs that pay high and don’t require for degree or experience. Your work is to look after the safety of your work environment and take some security measures. An estimated salary of $42,000 per year is expected.

15.Flight Attendants

Image Of Flight Attendants

A great job like this is available at airline companies. You are responsible for attending to a customer’s requests and making sure everything is in order. You can do this work perfectly well without a degree or experience, and it’s not a stressful job. The estimated salary for this position is $84,500 per year.

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How to find some high paying jobs without a degree or experience near me?

Here is a list of some of the highest-paying jobs you can do without prior experience or a degree. Take a look at it below:

  • Use search job platforms
  • Contact organizations or companies directly
  • Use your social media
  • Visit the jobs company’s website
  • Ask your friends for referrals.

Following the above-stated information on how to get a good-paying job, you should be able to get yourself a sustainable job that will pay you well.

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No doubt earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree and having some experience can put you on top of the list for good-quality job openings.

But many of today’s most desirable job positions require a body of knowledge beyond what your typical $200,000 college degree covers.

Rather than your typical university education, many of these positions require skills, experience, and certifications.

If you are seeking a job that pays well without requiring higher education, Discovers what you enjoy doing, Finds out what qualifications are required for the job by searching online, Develop your skills with training or on-the-job experience and then apply for the targeted job.


1. What are some high-paying jobs without a degree or experience for woman?

Among the best jobs that pay well without experience or degrees are Freelance Writers/Editors, Web Developers, Social Media Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Transcriptionists, Social Media Influencers, App or Website Testers, Data Entry Clerks, and Online Tutors.

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