How To Make Money As An Attractive Male In 2023-(9 Best Ways)

As we all know, beauty is a commodity. A handsome man stands out and is easily noticed. As a result, he earns a higher average income in his career. Although most of us believe that success is a magical combination of effort, talent, and knowing the right people, research shows that success is partly based on appearance.

One study found that those who were considered more attractive made 33% more money than their less attractive coworkers. Another found that male CEOs with good looks and hair earned 12% higher than those who lacked these features.

If you got an attractive face, you could leverage your good looks to bring in tons of money. You can become an actor, work as a model, travel blogger or influencer, and much more. In this article, we will tell you exactly How to Make Money as an Attractive Male, as well as the list of jobs that you can do as an Attractive Male so that you can make money easily and in abundance. Let’s get started-

9 Best Jobs That You Can Do To Make Money As An Attractive Male

1. Be a professional model.

Picture Of a Model

If you are an attractive male and have the looks, you could make good money as a professional model. Models are in high demand and earn good money for their services. In fact, modeling can be a lucrative career choice if you’re willing to do what it takes to get ahead.

A model works with consumer brands, fashion designers, photographers, and artists to advertise a wide array of products. Consumer brands hire models to wear fashionable clothing in magazines, on runways, or to model cosmetic products.

Modeling is not as easy as it seems. To become a professional model, you will need to research the type of modeling you’d like to do, understand the strengths and beauty of your own body, practice posing in front of the camera, take photos to put together a model portfolio, and send applications and go to casting calls.

In the United States, professional models earn an average of $236,556 yearly, or $113.73 an hour. The bottom 10% of professional models make about $89,000, while the top 10% make $624,000.

2. Become a commercial product endorser.

Picture of a Commercial Product Endorser

Many companies employ commercial product endorsers to enhance their brand awareness and increase sales. So if you are an attractive male, then becoming a commercial product endorser may be a rewarding career for you.

As a commercial product endorser, you’ll have to influence a community to buy a company’s product or service, and those companies will pay you to promote their products on social media, your own website, and/or YouTube.

As a commercial product endorser, you can earn thousands of dollars just to promote the product if you have a good amount of followers, and when you are on the top, there’s no limit of millions in your bank account.

The highest-paid celebrities make millions just through brand endorsements.

3. Become an actor.

Picture of an Actor

As we all know, Physical attractiveness is of central importance in the field of acting. Good looks give an actor an extra edge- that attracts the opposite sex to them, and they definitely love seeing good-looking actors on the big screen. So if you are an attractive male with good looks, then becoming an actor could be a great career for you.

In general, people who buy movie and theater tickets and flock to TV shows want to see people they want to look at–i.e., attractive people. Casting directors cast movies with attractive people because movies with attractive people sell more tickets than movies with unattractive people, all else being equal. 

Good looks can help you to be successful in the field of cinema but to become a successful actor, you also need to have talent and be able to act well.

The amount of money an actor you can make depends on how much the audience thinks that your character is worth. It also depends on how famous you are, the kind of movie you’re in, and how central your role is. According to U.S. News, actors made nearly $43,760 — median salary — in 2022. The top-paid 25% earned $60,760 while the lowest-paid 25% actors earned merely $28,080.

4. Become a travel vlogger.

Picture of a travel vlogger

 If you are an attractive male and love traveling and exploring new destinations, then travel vlogging can be a lucrative career if done right. It has become one of the most sought-after professions. You can show your raw experiences on travel and the destinations you visit or share tips and tricks of the trade with other travelers. 

As an attractive male and good content creator, you can develop an audience that sticks by your side over time. As your audience grows, so will your vlog income, making it possible to make a nice living as a travel vlogger.

If you own a brand or simply want to review new products, this could be a viable option for you too! Many niche audiences are out there looking for someone like you, so don’t be afraid to give them what they need: entertaining content but informative simultaneously!

A vlogger with a large following can earn a significant amount of Moneymoney through sponsorships, advertising, and merchandise sales. On average, they can earn between $750 and $1,500 monthly from their content.

5. Become an influencer.

Picture Of an influencer

As an attractive male, you have a lot of power to influence others. You may not realize it yet, but you could be making good Moneymoney by promoting products on Instagram, YouTube, or any of your social media platforms.

First, you must choose what niche market you want to work in and how much time you want to invest in your content creation process. Then to grow your following, choose the social media platforms that best fit your niche and targeted audience. Then to gain credibility as an influencer, you need to create high-quality, relevant content that demonstrates your expertise and value as a resource to your targeted audience. Besides publishing high-quality content, you should provide it regularly to maintain your following.

A micro-influencer with 6,000 to 10,000 followers can charge $88 per post. A micro-influencer with 50,000 to 80,000 followers can charge $200 per post. An Influencer campaign can expect to make $10 per thousand followers when it reaches 100,000 followers.

6. Can become a fashion model.

Picture Of A a fashion model

In this world of commercial fashion modeling, if you are an attractive male, then fashion modeling could be the perfect career fit for you.

Fashion modeling involves using people to display a particular type of fashion. By using fashion modeling, the public can see how a particular fashion looks, thereby increasing public interest. A variety of different kinds of fashion items can be displayed with fashion modeling. Items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics can all be modeled.

As a fashion model, you’ll work with different consumer brands, fashion designers, photographers, and artists to advertise a wide array of products, and you’ll often feature in magazines and catalogs, as well as on television and the Internet.

In the United States, fashion models make $167,104 per year on average or $80.34 per hour. Fashion models on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $53,000 a year, while the top 10% make $525,000.

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7. Can become a gym trainer.

Picture Of a gym trainer

If you are an attractive and fit male and can help other people to achieve their health and fitness goals, then becoming a gym trainer can be a rewarding way to make money.

As a gym trainer, you’ll have developed safe, effective exercise programs for people looking to achieve and maintain fitness goals. You’ll guide your clients through various workout regimens and help them progress toward their goals. You can also assist your clients in nutrition with the proper education. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that personal trainers earn an average of $45,650 annually. They don’t need a college degree and can get certified for a fraction of the cost.

8. Can be a wedding planner 

Picture of a wedding planner

If you dream of helping couples plan the most special day of their lives? If you get a thrill every time, you hear “I do” or see a bride in her wedding dress for the first time? Then becoming a wedding planner just might be the profession for you.

As a wedding planner, you will help couples plan and orchestrate their wedding from start to finish, including preparing a budget, finding and hiring vendors, setting up a wedding timetable, and managing everything on the wedding day itself. 

Wedding planning is very lucrative, but this is not for everyone because it involves many responsibilities. You have to be good at organizing and managing the people involved in the event and have excellent communication skills. The best part about being a wedding planner is that you can get paid for your services by taking a percentage of the Moneymoney charged by hotels or other vendors for their services during weddings.

9. Can be an event organizer 

Picture of an event organizer 

If you are a handsome man and love an exciting, fast-paced career that involves meeting new people, thinking on your toes, and making things happen, then becoming an event organizer can be a great career for you.

As an attractive event organizer, you will have to map out the plan, secure the venue, and firm up the program, and you’ll have to keep your client regularly updated on what is happening throughout the process.

A good event organizer will have factored in things like health and safety requirements, progress meetings, and supplier briefings.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, or Hospitality Management is typically required to become an event planner. Entry-level positions are available to individuals without degrees but must have at least one to two years of experience. 

You can earn an average of $16.07 per hour as an event planner. However, this average can vary depending on clientele, event types, and the number of hours you put into planning an event.

How much can you earn as an handsome man ?

It is difficult to say how much an attractive man can earn, as this will depend on a variety of factors such as the person’s qualifications, experience, industry, and job market. However, studies have found that attractive people generally tend to make more money than their less attractive counterparts.


Use your beautiful face and handsome looks to earn money in a plethora of amounts from the jobs mentioned above that you can do as an attractive person so that you don’t have to worry about being broke or jobless at all!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a man and have an attractive face, then use it to make Moneymoney by getting involved in any of these jobs!

The best thing about these jobs is that you don’t have to be a professional model or actor; you just need to look good and have the right attitude. So, if you’re an attractive male who wants to make money fast and easily by working from home, then these options are definitely for you!

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