How To Make Money In The Boxing Industry (5 Best Ways)

If you’re looking to make money in the boxing industry, then you’ve come to the right place. Making money in the boxing industry can be a difficult and competitive task. However, there are plenty of ways to make money in the boxing industry, such as becoming a professional boxing coach, boxing promoter, boxing commentator, or boxing ring announcer. You could even become a boxing analyst, commentator, or journalist.

So stay with us; in this article, we’ll tell you the five best ways to make money in the boxing industry and will provide you with the right skills and knowledge to make a lucrative career out of boxing. Let’s get started-

Best Ways To Make Money In The Boxing Industry

The following options are the best ways to make money in the boxing industry-

1. Become a Coach : 

Image Of a Boxing Coach

One of the best ways to make money in the boxing industry is to become a boxing coach. Boxing coaches are responsible for training new boxers and also assisting experienced boxers with improving their techniques. As a boxing coach, you’ll have several employment options, including working in boxing clubs or gyms or opening your own training business. Coaches and referees are essential to the success of any boxing match, and they are often paid for their services.

How to get started-

1. Obtain a Professional Certification: It is important to become certified in order to become a boxing coach. You can obtain a certification from the United States Amateur Boxing Association or any other governing body for the sport.   

2. Learn about Boxing: You must have a strong understanding of the sport in order to be a good coach. You should learn about the different techniques, strategies, and rules of the sport.   

3. Get Experience: Experience is key when it comes to coaching. There are many ways to obtain this experience, such as volunteering at a local gym, interning, or shadowing a more experienced coach.   

4. Develop Your Coaching Philosophy: You must have a plan for what you want to accomplish as a coach. This includes developing a coaching style, setting expectations, and providing feedback.  

5. Network: Networking is important in any profession. You should reach out to other coaches and establish connections in the boxing world.   

6. Stay Current: Boxing is constantly evolving, so it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the sport. You should attend seminars and read books on the subject.  

7. Promote Yourself: You should create a website and social media accounts to market yourself as a coach. You should also reach out to local clubs and gyms to offer your services.

2. Become a Promoter: 

Image Of A Boxing Promoter

Promoters bring together fighters, venues, and sponsors in order to create, organize, and promote boxing events. This is a great way to make money in the boxing industry, but it requires a lot of work and experience. The boxing promoter game takes time to get used to, but the profession can potentially be both lucrative and fulfilling.

How to get started-

1. Get involved in boxing. This can include joining a local boxing club, joining an amateur boxing organization, or even becoming an official at boxing matches. This will give you a good understanding of the sport and the people who are involved in it.  

2. Work your way up. Start out as a ring announcer, then look for opportunities to become a promoter. You can volunteer to help out with promotional events or even become a promoter’s assistant.  

3. Develop relationships. Develop relationships with other promoters, fighters, trainers, and other people who are involved in the business. This will help you to gain insight into how the business works and give you a better chance of gaining a promotion.  

4. Get educated. Learn the ins and outs of the boxing business. You can do this by attending seminars, reading books, or even getting an apprenticeship with an experienced promoter. No degree is required to become a boxing promoter. However, it is highly recommended that you consider a bachelor’s degree in sports management or another related field (like business or marketing). 

5. Get licensed. Contact your local boxing commission to get a promoter’s license. This will require you to pass a background check and show that you have the necessary experience and knowledge to be a successful promoter.  

6. Network. Join boxing organizations and attend events to make connections and build your network. This will help you to connect with potential clients, sponsors, and other people who may be interested in your services.  

7. Promote events. Once you have your license, start promoting boxing events. This will help you to gain experience, build your reputation, and attract more business.

3. Become a Ring Announcer:

Image Of A Ring Announcer

Becoming a Boxing announcer is also one of the great ways to make a good amount of money in the boxing industry, as they have a unique role in the sport. A ring announcer is responsible for introducing the fighters and announcing the results at the end of the fight. They attend competitive public events and generate excitement in opening and closing fights while adding their own style to the proceedings.  

How to get started-

1. Take classes in public speaking, theatrical performance, and improvisation: The ability to speak clearly, confidently, and with conviction is key to the job of a Ring Announcer. Taking classes in these areas will help you gain the necessary skills to become a Ring Announcer.  

2. Get involved in the boxing community: Attend local fights, meet fighters, and get to know the promoters and other key personnel. This will help you gain a better understanding of the sport and will also help you make valuable connections in the boxing world.  

3. Make a demo tape: Once you have some experience in public speaking and have become involved in the boxing community, you can create a demo tape of yourself announcing a fight. This will give potential employers an idea of your skills and what you can bring to the table.  

4. Develop a portfolio: Put together a portfolio of your experience and qualifications that you can present to potential employers. Include your demo tape, references, and any other materials that will showcase your talents and skills.  

5. Apply for Ring Announcer positions: Once you have your portfolio and demo tape ready, you can begin applying for Ring Announcer positions. Network with people in the boxing community to find out about job openings and apply for them.

4. Become a Commentator: 

Image Of A Boxing Commentator

Commentators provide commentary for boxing matches and events. They provide valuable analysis and information to help viewers understand and appreciate the matches. They not only report the action taking place during a live boxing event, but they also have to paint a picture of what’s going on for those who listen to the game instead of watching.

How to get started-

1. Get educated: Most boxing commentators have at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism, broadcasting, or a related field. Taking classes in sports media, journalism, and broadcasting can be beneficial in learning the skills needed to be a successful boxing commentator.  

2. Get experience: Gaining experience in the field of sports broadcasting is essential to becoming a boxing commentator. You can gain experience by working as a radio or television sports announcer, interning at a radio or television station, or working as a boxing writer or reporter.  

3. Develop your knowledge of the sport: Having an extensive knowledge of the sport of boxing is essential to becoming a successful boxing commentator. You should familiarize yourself with the rules of the sport, the history of the sport, the current landscape of the sport, the various organizations and sanctioning bodies of the sport, and the current trends and developments in the sport.  

4. Network: Developing relationships with those involved in the sport of boxing is key to getting noticed and landing a job as a boxing commentator. It’s important to network with promoters, trainers, boxers, and other boxing commentators.  

5. Prepare a demo reel: Having a demo reel of your work as a sports broadcaster or commentator is essential in getting noticed and landing a job as a boxing commentator. Put together clips of your best work and showcase your knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport of boxing.  

6. Apply for jobs: Once you have your demo reel ready, you can start applying for jobs as a boxing commentator. You can check job boards, contact boxing organizations, and apply for jobs with television networks or radio stations.

5. Become a boxing journalist. 

Image Of a Boxing Journalists

Journalists write about the sport and cover fights and events. To become a boxing journalist, you need to have knowledge of the sport, as well as contacts in the boxing industry.

How to get started-

1. Obtain a degree in journalism or a related field. A journalism degree or a degree in communications, English, or a related field is essential for becoming a boxing journalist.  

2. Develop your writing skills. A boxing journalist must be able to write clearly and concisely. Take classes, read books, and practice writing in order to develop your skills.  

3. Get an internship. An internship at a newspaper or magazine is a great way to gain experience and make contacts.  

4. Build a portfolio. Start writing about boxing for small publications or websites and build a portfolio of your work.  

5. Network. Attend boxing events, such as fights and press conferences, and introduce yourself to people in the industry. 

6. Pitch story ideas. Research and pitch story ideas to editors in newspapers and magazines.  


In conclusion, the boxing industry is a competitive market, and it is not easy to make money. However, with the right strategies and hard work, it is possible to make money in the boxing industry. Developing a marketing strategy to promote events, obtaining sponsorships, and negotiating advantageous contracts with fighters can all be effective methods of generating income in the boxing industry. 


How does the boxing industry work?

The boxing industry works by promoting fights between professional boxers and selling tickets to these events. The boxers are typically signed to promotional companies, which are responsible for arranging fights and managing their careers. The promoter also takes a cut of the profits from the fight, which is typically split between the boxers and their respective teams.

How much is the Boxing industry worth?

According to a survey, 6.7 million people participated in boxing in the United States in 2021, and the sport has provided opportunities for a number of industries to develop: by 2021, the global boxing equipment market alone would be worth over 1.6 billion U.S. dollars.

How does boxing generate so much money?

Boxing generates a lot of money through ticket sales, pay-per-view subscriptions, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Ticket sales are a major source of revenue for boxing promoters. Pay-per-view subscriptions allow viewers to watch fights for a fee, and sponsorships provide a steady stream of revenue for boxers and promoters alike. Merchandise sales, such as t-shirts, hats, and other memorabilia, also generate a significant amount of money for boxers and promoters.

How to make money with a boxing manager?

You can make money on boxing managers by charging a fee for managing fighters, organizing fights, and negotiating contracts.

How do boxing promoters make money?

Boxing promoters make money by taking a percentage of the boxers’ purses and earning fees for booking fights, venues, and other services. Additionally, they may earn money from ticket sales and sponsorship deals.

How much do boxing managers get paid?

The salaries of Boxing Promoters in the U.S. range from $28,060 to $187,200, with a median salary of $93,828.

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