Octapharma Plasma Promotions: $100 New Donors Bonus + $50 Referral Bonus [2023-24]

If you are searching for a unique opportunity to make a positive impact on the world while also adding some extra cash to your pocket, Octapharma plasma promotions offer an exciting opportunity for new donors.

By donating plasma at Octapharma Plasma centers, not only do you contribute to life-saving treatments, but you can also enjoy a $100 Octapharma plasma first-time donor pay for each of your first five donations with the opportunity to donate twice a week and a $50 Octapharma Plasma referral bonus.

So stay with us; In this article, we’ll dive deep into Octapharma Plasma promotions, explain how to claim them, and provide all the information you need to seize this opportunity. Let’s get started-

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What is Octapharma Plasma?

Image Of Octapharma Plasma

Octapharma Plasma, Inc. is a U.S.-based plasma donation company that collects, tests, and supplies human blood plasma used in the creation of medicines that treat millions of patients each year. 

With 80+ plasma donation centers across the United States and a team of over 3,500 dedicated staff, the company is on a mission to ensure a positive and safe customer experience for donors while producing a steady supply of quality plasma for life-changing therapies.

Octapharma Plasma Promotions 2023-24

Octapharma Plasma Promotions

Here are the current best Octapharma Plasma promotions running on the platform for new users:

  • $100 Octapharma Plasma First-Time Donor Pay
  • $65 Octapharma Plasma Returning Donors Pay
  • $50 Octapharma Plasma Referral Bonus

1. Octapharma Plasma First-Time Donor Pay: $100 Donation Reward

Octapharma Plasma First-Time Donor Pay

Octapharma Plasma is offering a $100 Octapharma Plasma First-Time Donor Pay for each of your first five donations, with the opportunity to donate twice a week.

How to Claim a $100 Octapharma Plasma First-Time Donor Pay

Here are the steps to claim your $100 Octapharma Plasma First-Time Donor Pay

  1. Locate your nearest Octapharma Plasma donation center.
  2. Verify your essential documents, including your ID, social security number, and address.
  3. You’ll be asked a series of questions to ensure your eligibility and safety as a donor.
  4. Undergo a thorough health checkup conducted by the Octapharma Plasma team.
  5. Assuming you pass the health checkup and are eligible to donate plasma, relax while their trained team collects your plasma.
  6. After completing your first donation, you’ll receive compensation for your time. Octapharma Plasma issues this compensation in the form of a prepaid debit card, making it convenient and accessible for you.

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2. $65 Octapharma Plasma Returning Donors Pay

Octapharma Plasma Returning Donors Pay

You can also receive $50 for the first five donations as returning donors at Octapharma Plasma, followed by an increase to up to $65 per donation. 

How to claim $65 Octapharma Plasma Returning Donors Pay

  1. Visit the Octapharma Plasma  Donor Portal.
  2. Enter personal details like name, birthdate, and the last five digits of the Social Security number. 
  3. Check the local donation center’s chart and weight class, to easily pinpoint your payment tier.
  4. After that, locate your weight class so you can determine to pinpoint your payment. 

For quick access to essential donor tools, Octapharma Plasma provides the following resources:

  • OctaApp: The central hub for managing referrals and donations.
  • OctaPass: Streamlining the donation process for donors.
  • Find Your Plasma Center: Locate the nearest center easily with this tool.

You can also checkout Octapharma Plasma Pay Chart to know more about Octapharma Plasma compensation and payment schedule.

3. $50 Octapharma Plasma Referral Bonus

Additionally, you can earn an extra $50 Octapharma Plasma referral bonus when you invite your friends with your unique Octapharma Plasma code, and they donate plasma for the first time.

How To Claim a $50 Octapharma Plasma Referral Bonus

To get started with the Octapharma Plasma Referral Bonus program, follow these easy steps:

  1. Head to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the OctaApp.
  2. Once installed, generate a new Refer a Friend code directly from your OctaApp dashboard.
  3. Share your unique referral code with your friends or family to join Octapharma Plasma.
  4. Ensure they bring their QR code to their initial visit.
  5. After your friend completes their first donation, you receive a $25 bonus, and if they decide to donate again, you get another $25.
  6. Your bonuses will be swiftly paid within 24 hours of your friend’s donation.

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Join OctaRewards to Boost Your Earnings

Image Of OctaRewards


As an OctaRewards member, donors earn points for tiered rewards, including Express Passes, e-gift cards, and sweepstakes prizes. It’s a way of saying “thank you” for making a difference in the lives of others. The program resets annually, encouraging continued participation.

How to join Octarewards?

  • Download the OctaApp or visit the Octapharma Plasma official website.
  • Navigate to the OctaRewards menu option to log in and browse your dashboard.
  •  Enter your information and email to become a member.
  • Start earning points through actions like donating plasma, referring your friends, reaching new status levels, and even celebrating birthdays with us. 
  • Enjoy gift cards from over 20 retailers, express passes for your next donation, and a branded Octapharma Plasma blanket! 

Octapharma Plasma Eligibility Requirements

Octapharma Plasma Eligibility Requirements

Before you embark on your plasma donation journey, it’s crucial to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Age: You must be between 18-70 years old.
  2. Weight: A minimum of 110 lb is required.
  3. Residency: Proof of local address is necessary.
  4. Documentation: Bring a current, valid photo ID, proof of your Social Security number, and proof of current address.
  5. Medical Examination: Required during the first visit and annually thereafter.
  6. Virus Ineligibility: Negative tests for Hepatitis, HIV, and Parvo B19.
  7. Diet and Hydration: Maintain a diet rich in protein and iron, stay hydrated, and avoid fatty foods on the day of donation.

How Much Does Octapharma Pay for Plasma?

If you’re a new donor, you stand to earn $50 for each of your first five donations, with the opportunity to donate twice a week and as returning donors you can receive $50 for the first five donations, followed by an increase to up to $65 per donation.

Additionally, you can earn an extra $50 Octapharma Plasma referral bonus when you invite your friends with your unique Octapharma Plasma code, and they donate plasma for the first time.

You can also checkout Freedom plasma another reputable plasma donation centre to earn an extra $100 new donor bonus and $100 referral bonus. Read Freedom Plasma Pay Chart to know more about Freedom Plasma Bonuses.

How Do You Get Paid at Octapharma Plasma?

Octapharma ensures competitive donor payments, bonuses, and loyalty rewards. Payment is credited to your Octapharma Plasma prepaid card within 24 hours of your donation. The amount you make is based on donation frequency and eligible donation amount. Donor fees may vary by location or for special promotions throughout the year.

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Is Octapharma Plasma Legit?

Yes, Octapharma Plasma is a legit U.S based plasma donation company that boasts a 3.86-star rating from its 167 reviews, signaling a generally positive sentiment among its customers. Positive aspects frequently highlighted include excellent service, friendly staff, and commendable customer service.


In conclusion, Octapharma Plasma offers a remarkable opportunity to positively impact lives while earning extra income. With a $100 First-Time Donor Pay and a $50 Referral Bonus, Octapharma Plasma stands as a rewarding avenue for those looking to make a meaningful contribution. Seize this opportunity and become a part of the Octapharma Plasma community today.

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